a retards best friend :)

"Peep this one, no really, peep this one."

Constantly providing the gaming beats and stupid memes that hold our monkey-brain attention for very short periods of time, our very own Groovy bot rayconglobal made his first appearance to the box on 1/8/20. His history however spans much farther back to the old discord server, and he has probably been around for close to 3 years at this point.

raycon global aneurism is a compilation of many of the memes that make us laugh the most since the bot became a member of the server. Created by Cosmopyr

rayconglobal is a playlist of actual music that we have found or otherwise enjoyed over the bot

"What the f*** is the bot playing?"

Only doing good when directly told, raycon plays whatever it feels like unless you specify the exact url. This has led to several "bruh" moments in the middle of a queue or when all is silent and someone tries to play a funny on the bot.

Shoutout to google sites for the terrible embedding.