Spinoffs / Rarities

There are several spinoffs of the main series HOGA albums and also rarer versions that are no longer being produced

The Hoodlums™ (2013)

The complete soundtrack of 2013's "The Hoodlums" in order of appearance in the film. --- The 2013 action drama "The Hoodlums" is a prequel to the 1989 hit classic "Hoodlum Gaming" that explores the origin stories of the franchise's beloved characters.

Hoodlum Gamers 3D 2000

Considered largely unpopular, 3D 2000 has a very small yet dedicated fanbase.

It released right alongside Volume 3.


Known officially as TVアニメ「HOODLUM GAMING // ホーダラムゲーミング」ORGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1999, many fans simply call it 1999, or CYBER THREAT.

One of the most popular HOGA spinoffs, this was the soundtrack to the 1999 Hoodlum Gaming Anime, where we follow the main character Faye in her fight to defeat the darkside gamers.

Faye is also seen in the album artwork for Hoodlum Gaming Volume 4

The Hoodlums™ 2 (2016)

The unpopular sequel to 2013s The Hoodlums, this album is a rarity and can no longer be found on Spotify under its original creator.

Joueurs Voyous // HoGa Cafe

The hoodlums visit France.

This spinoff album features relaxing café and French bossa-nova music, later transitioning into French house and light club music.

Hoodlum Gaming Volume 3

(Original Artwork)

The rarer Original artwork version of Volume 3 also contains slightly different songs and is shorter by about 10 minutes. It is figured that around 20% of all copies of Vol.3 are in the original artwork.

Volume 3 Bonus Disk

An extended play of Volume 3, featuring an altered version of the original artwork.

These are very rare and nearly double the length of the original, featuring more emphasis on the jazz-rap fusion and uk jazz.

Hoodlum Gaming Volume 5

(Original Artwork)

The rarer Original artwork version of Volume 5. The songs remain the same.


The rarest of all the HOGA albums, there are less than 5 of the blue variant of cyber threat.

The OST had to be changed in the middle of production, so this album features several different songs than the final red variant.

Hoodlum Gaming Volume 3

(Networker Edition)

Less popular and different songed version of volume 3 produced for the networking class.

It features a modified variant of the artwork and all instrumental songs.