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There are currently 10 official Hoga albums.

There are 6 spinoff albums and 4 rare variants of the Hoga albums.

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Volume 1

The Hoodlums debut in a action-packed story of global counter-terrorism and high stakes combat. Available on VHS

Volume 2

The Hoodlums are back! Heart pounding gaming action and swift breakbeats! Now on DVD

Volume 3

The Hoodlums unwind with some relaxing euro-jazz and rap fusion mixes.

Volume 4

Volume 4 needs no explanation.

Volume 5

Tempo's are slow with the latest installment of Hoodlum Gaming.

Reflect on the nuances of modern life and wish for a return to a simpler time.

Volume 6

Feel your gaming evaporate into stoner rock with hints of disassociation and good vibes.

Volume 7

Math rock gaming

Volume 8

хахаха русская музыка

Volume 9

The highest effort Hoodlum Gaming release. Released on December 6th 2020, the ethereal soundscapes of volume 9 never fail to transport the listener to another world.

Volume 10

The Hoodlums face the potential end of gaming as they know it, with possibly their final installment.